2018 fuchsia speakers

January no meeting

February 7th   Dorothy Greenfield   Photograpy ( Here and there)

March  7th Syd Garcia Fuchsias

April 4th  Peter  Almond  Plants have feelings too

2nd May plant sale

June 6th Pamela Holt.  Kew Gardens

July 4th workshop

July  Annual Show   21st/22nd July

August no meeting

September 5th  Nick Dobson  ( over the garden wall)

October 3rd  carol Gubler Fuchias

 November 7th agm   trophies

We meet at Squires Garden Centre West Horsley Kt24 6ar. on the first wednesday of the month
The highlight of the year is undoubtedly our annual show. This year it will held at Squires Garden Centre, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6AR. The show will be on Sat 21st & Sunday 22nd  July It is run broadly under British Fuchsia Society (BFS) rules and judged by British Fuchsia Society accredited national judges.. Entrance is free,.we look forward to meeting you there!

We had a very successful show this year  with  a  good number of entries and Best in Show was awarded to June Lightfoot for her entry  basket of ( cultivar) Auntie Jenks and The Managers Choice was  awarded to Yvonne Robinson for her entry  in the needlework class  of a bookmark depicting a pattern of fuchsias worked in cross stitch. We are very grateful to Squires Garden Centres  for  the use of their West Horsley Centre. as our  show venue and their support throughout the growing year.

The top ten fuchsias from the British Fuchsia Society Shows and affiliated Fuchsia groups appear to be as follows:
top ten                                                                        
           2012                                              2013

    1     london 2000                                1   Shelford
    2.    Lillian Annetts                              2   Lynne Patricia
    3     Ernie                                           3  Alison Patricia
    4     Alison patricia                              4  London 2000.
    5.    Brookwood belle                          5  LIllian Annettes
    6.    Shelford                                      6  Wigan  Peer
    7.    Rose fantasia                              7  Ernie
    8     Wigan peer                                 8  Brookwood Belle
    9.    Marie shaw                                 9  Ashville
    10.  Pink fantasia                               10 Sophie  Louise